Mother Pukka Coco Clown 1 Litre Professional Starter Kit

Mother Pukka Coco Clown 1 Litre Professional Starter Kit

Mother Pukka Coco Clown 1 Litre Professional Starter Kit

The Mother Pukka Coco Clown Professional Starter Kit includes everything included in the Hobbyist Kit Plus Mother Pukka Budwiser and Mother Pukka Wizard Of Oz Boost to further enhance product quality and yield. What's Included In The Mother Pukka Coco Clown 1 Litre Professional Starter Kit. Mother Pukka Coco Clown A+B 1 Litre.

Mother Pukka Cal Mag Oxide 500ml. Mother Pukka Root 66 500ml. Mother Pukka Superzym 1 Litre.

Mother Pukka Wizard Of Oz Boost 500ml. Mother Pukka Monster PK 18/20 125ml. Mother Pukka Coco The Clown is a specially developed 2-part base nutrient for use with any high quality coco growing media. It is THE convenient, professional choice plant nutrient, containing all the essential elements for optimal growth in both vegetative and flowering phases. For lush, healthy, vibrant plants from post propagation to harvest.

Make sure you have the last laugh with Mother Pukka Coco The Clown. Mother Pukka Coco The Clown has been designed to work with both soft and hard water supplies. It's development in the UK means it is better suited to your water, providing your plants with a perfectly balanced base nutrient.

The often overlooked calcium(Ca) and magnesium(Mg) are the two most important elements your plant requires, after nitrogen(N), phosphorous(P) and potassium(K). Magnesium is critical to the production of chlorophyll which allows your plants to absorb light, a process known as photosynthesis. Therefore without sufficient amounts, your plant begins to degrade chlorophyll causing chlorosis, a severe yellowing and degradation of the leaves that can ultimately result in the death of your plant.

Calcium assists in the building of cell walls. When deficient of calcium, all new tissue, such as root tips, young leaves and shoot tips, exhibit distorted growth, improper cell wall formation, stunted growth and leaf curl. Magnesium and calcium deficiencies usually develop when high concentrations of P and K are being taken on by the plant. We give our plants these high levels of P and K in order to increase yield but a failure to increase the levels of Mg and Ca at the same time can lead to problems that by far out way the advantages gained. Adding MOTHER PUKKA CalMagOxide gives a perfectly balanced nutrient solution that assures your plant maintains perfect health whilst focusing it's energy on producing bumper yields.

The most versatile root stimulant available! Mother Pukka Root 66 stimulates explosive growth in rooted cuttings and seedlings and continues to promote rapid vigorous growth throughout the plant's life. Mother Pukka Root 66 can be used in all hydroponics systems and in all growing mediums. Can be used during propagation and during both vegetative and fruiting/flowering phase. It can also be applied as a foliar spray as well as treatment for shocked or stressed plants.

BIG HEALTHY ROOTS = BIG HEALTHY FRUITS! Here to save the day! MOTHER PUKKA SUPERZYMES Super hero enzymes are fighting the fight to recondition your root zone.

By breaking down root matter and other nefarious bad guys, SUPERZYME defeats disease causing pathogens and ensures a happy, healthy root zone allowing your plant to concentrate its energy on providing bumper harvests. MOTHER PUKKA SUPERZYME is a superior blend, rich in enzymes, amino acids and plant vitamins. It not only provides a cleaner, healthier root zone by speeding up the breakdown of dead root matter, but it also works to convert the base nutrient and additives into micro nutrients therefore providing an invaluable, extra source of nutrient for your plants. Is compatible with all types of growing media. Can be used at all stages of your plants life cycle. Is compatible with all other nutrient ranges. Mother Pukka Budwiser's special formula of amino acids, beneficial carbohydrates and growth enhancer acts as a natural plant steroid increasing the size and yield of your plants. Budwiser also accelerates tissue growth, stimulates root development, increases nutrient availability, boosts chlorophyll levels and enhances media quality. To be used throughout the life of your plant for a stronger, healthier, happier and invigorated plants. Mother Pukka Wizard Oz Boost 500ml. Mother Pukka Wizard Oz Boost is one of only a small number of true boosters available on the market today. Instead of being mere fertilizers, true boosters in fact accelerate processes essential to a plants development by awakening the metabolic rate of the plant. Faster development of fruit sets. Allows rapid uptake of minerals through extra energized roots. Let the wizard work his magic on your crop! Wizard oz boost not only provides the plant with the energy required to fulfil its absolute potential but also. Strengthens a plants resistance against pests and disease. Enhances overall plant health and fruit quality. Mother Pukka welcomes you to the most advanced PK booster on the market! Mother Pukka Monster PK's unique blend of P and K delivers rapid plant growth, massive fruit development and maximum crop yields you won't believe! Mother Pukka Monster PK also includes a selection of natural plant hormones that not only help to generate bigger fruits and an increase in the number of flowering sites but will also help to protect against environmental stresses. Ensure healthy, heavy yields, EVERY time. Twice as much phosphorous as other top brands. The most concentrated formulation of soluble materials.

A selection of unique bioflavonoids facilitating nutrient uptake and mobility. Improved natural defences against pests and disease. The item "Mother Pukka Coco Clown 1 Litre Professional Starter Kit" is in sale since Wednesday, July 17, 2019. This item is in the category "Garden & Patio\Hydroponics & Seed Starting\Nutrients, pH & Supplements".

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Mother Pukka Coco Clown 1 Litre Professional Starter Kit

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